End ings

End ings

Sometimes endings happen without fanfare,
it's just over.
     No celebratory toast
          no gold watch
               no kiss goodbye.

The electric door swishes open. 
Two steps 
      it's done.

You inside, me outside.

      No awkward goodbye,
           no promises we know we won't keep
      just done.

The air is different, thinner.
I float ahead on zero gravity.
     Connection broken,
          gentle snap of heart strings -  
               no blood, no pain.

You inside, bustling, busy.

Me outside with nothing pressing,
     no one expects me. 
          I might soar away 
               like a helium balloon      released 
                    by a willful child.

So easily severed, this bond,
     like cutting a raspberry with
          a sushi knife.

We don't even turn back to wave goodbye.

You on to the next task, the next headache.
     Inside, through the window
          you button your jacket
               against the air conditioning.

I face the sun, relish it’s warmth.
     Life's ties so easily broken.
           Laugh, at this cruel joke.

               I skip away     elated 
                     no longer      related.

8 thoughts on “End ings”

    1. Lovely poem, Carry. I was glad you got away from whoever it was being left. They didn’t deserve you. On the other hand, the poem made me sad, as final departures from “friends” often do. I was glad not to be the person you were clearing out from. Poor them. They are the loser and they don’t even realize it. But you, you are going to be just fine. Splendid, even. Thanks for sharing.


  1. No hanging onto that balloon’s string. Thanks for this one, Carrie. I like the airy shape of the poem on the page.


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