Galactical Surprise


Carrie DanielsonI awoke to a surprise—

my sixty-seventh journey

around a distant star,

nestled in an abstracted galaxy

a universe’s breath from its

sisters and brothers, if a galaxy

has a gender and if gender even matters.


I remember us looking over

third-floor balcony, into the courtyard—

zip-up blue jeans and blue-cotton turtle necks.

We were going to change the world,

(our inner lives already blistered with loss,

with turbulence, with raspy enigmas).

We were going to change the world.

In fact,

the world changed us.

I awoke surprised

that I lived to look back, not forward,

that I can see my fruitless regrets.

As I stare out the window

still in blue jeans, but now,

I sport an elastic waist.


5 thoughts on “Galactical Surprise”

  1. Carrie, I absolutely adore this photograph of you. Somehow your lovely, loving, generous, good-humored spirit has shone through all those layers of technology. Oh yes, the poem, too!


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